Geraint Thomas announces plans to take on Ironman

Three-time cycling world champion, two-time Olympic gold medalist and winner of the 2018 Tour de France Geraint Thomas, has told multisport commentator Bob Babbitt that he plans to take up Ironman once he’s retired from cycling. 


 “I used to swim as a kid and did a few triathlons. When I retire from professional cycling I definitely want to do an Ironman, or maybe even a few. I’ll do the Wales one first, I’ve heard the bike course is quite hard so that could play in my favour. 

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“I think I’ll need something when I stop, if I stop in three or four years. This is my 14th year now and I could end up doing 18 years as a pro. To then just stop and not have anything would be tough, so why not an Ironman I guess?”


What do you think? Could we see Geraint on the Ironman World Championships start line in a few years’ time? Leave your comments below.     

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