Full Lineup For "The Undertaker Week" On WWE Network Next Week

As noted, WWE will be running an “Undertaker Week” special on the WWE Network starting next Monday. The company issued the following details, as well as the above video promo to promote the special week.

WWE Superstars, Legends and Hall of Famers pay tribute to the legacy of The Phenom during Undertaker Week on the award-winning WWE Network.

Monday, Nov. 16 – following Raw
Legends with JBL: Undertaker’s Greatest Rivals Part 1
On this special edition of Legends with JBL, John Bradshaw Layfield goes in-depth with Triple H, Shawn Michaels and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin as they celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the legendary Undertaker. The panel discusses the evolution of Undertaker in WWE, including his decades of loyalty and his respected locker room presence. JBL’s panel of guests also set the record straight about Internet rumors, and provide behind-the-scenes accounts of The Undertaker’s greatest matches.

Tuesday, Nov. 17 – 10/9 C
Undertaker: 25 Phenomenal Years
Journey back through 25 years of the most memorable and unforgettable moments in the career of WWE’s one and only Phenom, The Undertaker.

Wednesday, Nov. 18 – 9/8 C
The Undertaker’s Gravest Matches
Relive 25 years of The Undertaker’s most dangerous matches. Descend into the darkness as The Dead Man battles among caskets, flames and cells.

Thursday, Nov. 19 – 10/9 C
Legends with JBL: Undertaker’s Greatest Rivals Part 2
JBL continues his trip down memory lane on this special edition of Legends with JBL. John Bradshaw Layfield, along with his illustrious panel consisting of Triple H, Shawn Michaels and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, unearth never-before-heard topics from The Undertaker’s remarkable career. From the “BSK” to The Streak, no topic is off limits.

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