Dixie Carter On Why TNA Chose Destination America, Changes Coming To TNA

The following are quotes and notes from TNA President Dixie Carter’s interview on this week’s edition of Jim Ross’ “Ross Report” podcast, which is available for download right now at PodcastOne.com. Notes from the interview come from F4WOnline.com.

On TNA’s move to Destination America

– She tried to really sell the move to Destination America, as you’d expect. She said they said “they’re the largest paid TV programmer in the world.” Said in all meeting with networks they didn’t just want to be an average show on the network in the eyes of the network, she wanted to go somewhere where they would be a top priority, get maximum support from the network, lots of promotion, more hours etc. Said both she and the network feels it’s a big opportunity for growth for both of them. Said she kept the wrestlers as up-to-date as she could, but it was tough with confidentiality agreements etc. Tried to spin-it as it may look like a step back, but it’s a step forwards in-terms of potential growth, claims she got a lot of support from the talent and they to are optimistic, and that they too felt they should be somewhere where they’re a priority. Said it may be a challenge for people to find the channel, but once they do and they begin to grow and their “global affect and what that plan is begins to take hold” it’s going to be like “something they’ve never had.”

On demographics

– When discussing wrestling demographics she said when they first went to Spike they had to fight to get their ratings and demographics information from them. Said they wanted to start attempting to appeal to a broader audience males, females, young, old etc. Pushed the “unlocked” shows they’re going to be a kind of a “director’s cut.” Says wrestling fans are becoming more and more interested in what goes on behind the scenes and they intend to provide some of that with this show. Also said she’s currently in negotiations trying to secure a TV deal in Canada.

– Said TNA is still their corporate name, the confusion is down to them having one show in the US, of course called Impact Wrestling, where as in other parts of the world that isn’t the case.

On announcers for TNA shows

– Talked about the changes to the announce team, she said there is nothing more you can do to change the basic framework of the show than have a new voice, she said Tenay is going to be doing things on Impact that will be very insightful and that’s what he’s absolute best at, said he will play a big part in one of their new shows, also said how they’re going to be using the announcers going forward is going to different, which is intriguing (I feel).

Other notes from the interviews

– Put over John Gabruick as a great motivator for the locker room.

– Said they are planning to do more house shows and more One Night Only shows, but right now Impact is their priority. JR pushed her on the subject and she said they’re going to give the touring a “breather” when the television takes off they plan on doing it again but doing it right.

– Was asked about deals with Rampage Jackson, Tito Ortiz, King Mo etc. says she wants work with Mo and they have an existing deal, Tito is interested in doing something with them, but they’re not working with Rampage right now. When discussing him by the tone in her voice their seems to be a bit of tension or disappointment there.

– Asked if Vince Russo is going back said there are no plans and there have been no discussions. But said when focused he can be a tremendous talent.

– Said in meetings with every network they said “why in the world did they (Spike) let you go.”

You can listen to Dixie Carter’s interview with Jim Ross as part of the latest “Ross Report” podcast by visiting PodcastOne.com.

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