Daniel Bryan On Nearly Wrestling Charlie Sheen, Brie Bella Sex Story

FOX Sports recently published an article containing ten “surprising revelations” from Daniel Bryan’s new book. Below are some highlights:

On Sheamus and Ted Dibiase Jr. interrupting Daniel Bryan the first time he had sex with Brie: “We were naked and about to do our thing when all of a sudden we heard the sound of the door handle turning and then the door popped open. Bri jumped under the covers as Teddy and Sheamus barged into the room, inebriated as can be, wit the ‘Ahhh fella!’ and all that.”

On being slated to wrestle Charlie Sheen at SummerSlam in 2012: “He was going through a very public breakdown at the time, and somehow WWE brokered a deal for him to perform against me. He taped a couple of videos for ‘Raw’ insulting me, and even though it was a goofy match to be in, it would’ve put me in one of the top matches at SummerSlam. Unfortunately, whoever brokered the Sheen deal never got him to sign any sort of contract to do the event, and in typical Charlie Sheen fashion, he bailed.”

On his blowup with Triple H after a match with Randy Orton on RAW: “Usually I don’t get super angry, and when I do it’s barely visible. This time, I was furious and I let everyone know it. When I walked through the curtain, I yelled, ‘What the f— is that all about. That’s f—ing bull—-!’ ‘You need to calm down,’ responded Triple H, who had been communicating with the doctor over the headset and called for the match to be stopped. ‘No, you need to calm the f— down,’ I replied. We were up in each other’s faces and both ready to fight.”

Check out the complete article at FOXSports.com.


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