Cewshcast 5000: Episode 7 – The GFW Fantasy Draft

Welcome, cats and kittens, to the 7th episode of the resplendent Cewshcast 5000! This week, your intrepid hosts tackle the hottest issues in the wrestling world, from Daniel Bryan’s neck injury and what that means to WWE’s near future, to the debut of TNA’s Menagerie and why we actually don’t hate it. Along the way we also touch on indy wrestlers who take non wrestling jobs in WWE, our ideas for the debut of Prince Devitt, the difference between Burning Spirit and No Selling and a burning spirited discussion of the classic anime ULTIMATE MUSCLE. But the crown jewel of this episode is the fantasy draft, where Cewsh, Artie and Psycho all choose 5 wrestlers that they would build Global Force Wrestling around, and you will not believe who the hell gets named in these.

So there’s all that in store for you over the next hour of your life, as well as your questions answered in another edition of 3 Aint Enough Man, I Need 5 Questions. Download it on iTunes, listen to it here on Podomatic, or check us out on Stitcher. However you like to listen to dudes sitting around talking about wrestling, have a seat, grab some popcorn and enjoy.

And if you want to take us with you, we’re proud to announce that Cewshcast 5000 (Working Title) is now available on iTunes!

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