Cena Talks World Title Being "Second-Tier," Passing Ric Flair's 16-Time Reign

The following are highlights from a recent Times-Picayune interview with WWE Superstar and current World Heavyweight Champion John Cena:

On bringing prestige back to the World Heavyweight Championship: “This is not taken as a shot of disrespect to anyone who has held the title before me, but it’s now viewed as a second-tier championship. [Defending the title at WrestleMania XXX] will truly put a stamp on making it the real deal. I want the WWE universe to realize that it’s not a second-tier championship. It should be treated with as much respect as the WWE Title.”

On coming up on passing Ric Flair’s legendary 16-time title reign: “If I have two more, that means I’m going to lose it two more times. So I’d rather stay at 14. That record is held in pretty high esteem. Just to be in that conversation, that means I’ve done something right over the years. If it gets to the point of where it does happen, I’ll enjoy hearing what our fans have to say.”

Check out the complete interview online at NOLA.com.

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