Billy Corgan & Dixie Carter Comment On Rock Star Joining TNA Creative

The newest member of the TNA creative team, Smashing Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan, recently spoke with Associated Press writer Dan Gelston about his new role with the pro wrestling company.

“I’m not here as celebrity,” Corgan said. “I’m here as a skilled person that brings a lot of experience to the table… I don’t need fame. I have plenty of fame. It’s really about the talent.”

TNA President Dixie Carter is in full support of Corgan, as she too believes he’s not taking the job as a publicity stunt, but rather as something he’s passionate about and looks forward to taking part in.

“This won’t be a side job [for Corgan],” Carter said. “I talk to him more and we correspond more than most of my employees here.”

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