Bernie's Real Bro Highlights Crucial Populist Rise of Sanders and Corbyn

In reality, there’s only one “Bernie Bro.” And his name is Larry.

And Larry Sanders, the 80-year-old elder brother of the U.S. presidential candidate who just won a practically unprecedented victory over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire on Tuesday night, says that what his younger sibling is now achieving in the U.S. is part of a much larger global phenomenon that is also playing out in his home country, the UK.

The Guardian reports:

“I knew that he would make a huge splash and the reason really is the issue that he’s tackling: the growth of inequality, the distribution of money from the bulk of the population to the very rich is true and when somebody says it they resonate to that,” said Larry Sanders in the BBC interview.

Though there’s a world, or at least an ocean, of difference between how U.S. and British political campaigns are run, Larry says that both his brother and Corbyn have touched a very deep nerve among the populations of their respective countries.

“There are similarities,” Larry said. “Jeremy Corbyn is anti-austerity, and I must say the Green party’s policies are in the same direction and they speak to the same issues. It’s not quite as unequal [in the UK] as America, but it’s pretty bad.”

As Jeremy Corbyn waged his takeover of the UK Labour Party last year, he received the same kind of rebuke from the British political and media establishment as Sanders has experienced in the U.S.

As the Guardian notes:

In a separate interview with the Press Association, the elder Sanders said his brother’s landslide victory in New Hampshire should be a great boost as the primary contest shifts into even higher gear. “The great thing about winning is that he will be on the front pages and blasting out of televisions and the radios,” he said. “More people will then have to think about him, so it might well do the trick.”

In his discussion with BBC, Sanders rejected the idea that his brother’s win in New Hampshire—where he won by more than 22 points and captured the support of nearly all demographics—could be explained by the fact that Bernie’s home state Vermont is right next door. “The business about him being from a neighbouring state is just Hillary Clinton spin,” Larry Sanders said. “He didn’t win it because he lives next door. He won it because the people of the state approved of what he was saying.”

Watching Sanders’ popularity surge has been “amazing and magical,” his older brother told the Press Association. Larry now thinks that Bernie’s “chances are very good” to win the nomination and then the presidency. Though clearly proud of what his younger brother has achieved, he also said the possibility of such a victory “is hard to absorb.”

In a recent interview with Slate, when asked if he was surprised by his brother’s presidential run, Larry Sanders offered some insights into the campaign and the success of its message:

Increasingly, it seems, these ideas appear to be flying well—even in places where those in power said they could not.

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