Backstage News On Why Emma Was Rehired by WWE

Earlier today, WWE announced that Emma was released, likely as a result of her being arrested for shoplifting on Monday. Just hours later, the company website posted an article stating that “upon further evaluation,” she had been reinstated.

According to a source in WWE, the reason Emma was reinstate was because the company does not want to set a precedent where a violation like shoplifting results in a termination. There have been far worse offenses from WWE Superstars and Divas over the years that did not result in releases. Multiple WWE talents have been arrested for DUI’s and kept their jobs, with many fans pointing to WWE Diva Cameron as an example.

Back in 2012, Cameron was arrested for DUI and allegedly tried bribing the arresting police officer with $10,000 to let her of the hook. Making the story even more absurd, Cameron didn’t tell WWE about the arrest and the company found out about it by reading the news online.

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