AEW Dark Results (Ep. 5): Charleston, W.V. — 11/5 (Video)

All Elite Wrestling returned with episode five of their weekly digital series, AEW Dark, on Tuesday, November 5th with a taped show from the Charleston Coliseum in Charleston, West Virginia.

Featured on this week’s show is a one-on-one showdown pitting “The Chairman of AEW” Shawn Spears against Michael Nakazawa, Big Swole & Mercedes Martinez vs. Sadie Gibbs & Allie and a tag-team main event pitting Joey Janela & Jimmy Havoc vs. Jurassic Express.

Shawn Spears (w/Tully Blanchard) vs. Michael Nakazawa

The arena is pitch black, dim lights come on as a single chair is sitting in the center of the ramp with Shawn Spears sitting alone. Tully Blanchard by his side, Spears makes his way down the ramp, up the stairs, and into the ring. Out next is Michael Nakazawa wearing a shirt with his name on it as he poses on his way down the ramp. Nakazawa points to his shirt before taking it off making his way to his corner. The bell rings, match begins.

Spears and Nakazawa lock up early on in the match following Spears pushing Nakazawa into the turnbuckle. Nakazawa reverses the wristlock on Spears who once again counters. Spears gloating in the center of the ring. Nakazawa makes his way back to his feet. The crowd is booing. Spears wraps his arms rightly around Nakazawa who pulls oil out of his shorts and pours it all over himself, jirating his way out of the move.

Nakazawa pours oil on Spears as well. Blanchard looks like he’s going to make his way into the ring, but tumbles off the side. Nakazawa pours oil on Blanchard as well before making his way to the other side of the ring to Spears who is still outside of the ring. Both men back in the ring. Spears with knees to the back of Nakazawa.

Spears stomps the hand of Nakazawa, then mimicking the awkward moves of Nakazawa. Three Knife Edge Chops to the chest of Nakazawa and a cover attempt, shoulder up at two. Spears follows up with a submission hold, grabbing the leg of Nakazawa who makes his way to the rope, forcing a rope break. Spears once again chopping the chest of Nakazawa multiple times as the crowd “Oh’s!” with each one.

Nakazawa building a little steam, gets an elbow to the jaw of Spears followed by an Inside Craddle, Spears kicks out. Spears jumps out of the ring, Nakazawa follows. Blanchard catching Nakazawa’s attention causing him to get a hit from Spears. Spears makes his way back into the ring. Nakazawa strips off his underwear from under his shorts. Spears in the corner, with a boot to the chest of Nakazawa. Spears with a Slingshot on Nakazawa for the three count pinfall.

Winner: Shawn Spears

Women’s Tag Team Match
Big Swole & Mercedes Martinez vs. Sadie Gibbs & Allie

Out first is Big Swole who dances all the way down the ramp. Out next is Mercedes Martinez sporting a leather and chains mask, removing it as she enters the ring with Big Swole. Music chimes as Sadie Gibbs makes her way onto the ramp, running down towards the ring stopping only to high five a few of the fans sitting ringside before climbing up onto the ropes and into the ring. Last but not least is Allie who makes her way out as the fireworks go off at the top of the ramp before she makes her way down the ramp slapping the hands of all the fans sitting close the the baracades, smiling from ear to ear.

All four girls in the ring. Bell rings, match begins. Big Swole and Sadie Gibbs start off this match up with an early lock up. Big Swole twisting the arm of Gibbs, Gibbs counters with the same move followed by flipping Swole. Gibbs gets a Headlock on Swole. A Shoulder Tackle attempt by Gibbs, Swole doesn’t budge. Gibbs with a second Shoulder Tackle, Swole still on her feet. Gibbs tries a third time, finally knocking Swole to the mat. Gibbs attempts a pin, Swole kicks out as Martinez helps, making sure not to leave it to chance.

Martinez now the legal contender in the match with Gibbs. Allie makes the tag with Gibbs. Allie gets a quick two count on Martinez. A splash combination on Martinez by Gibbs and Allie. Gibbs with a back handspring followed by Scissors flip. Martinez tags Swole back in. Swole and Martinez with a Double Elbow Drop on Gibbs. A running uppercut on Gibbs by Swole.

Gibbs with a Vertical Suplex on Swole. Gibbs tags in Allie. Allie attacking Swole in the corner with a Sliding Elbow Strike. Martinez tags in. Martinez with a Spine Buster on Allie and a two count pin attempt. Swole tags back in, stomping the chest and stomach of Allie in the corner. Swole gets a Headlock on Allie. Allie kicks her feet vigorously followed by a Russian Leg Sweep followed by a Crucifix. A boot to the jaw of Allie in retaliation.

Martinez and Swole with a Double Suplex on Allie. Martinez with a stalling Vertical Suplex. Martinez with a two-count, broke up by Gibbs. Allie rolls Martinez for a pin attempt, to no avail. Allie with a Back Stabber on Martinez, opting out of the tag. Martinez with a boot to the face of Allie. Martinez counters with a running knee strike. Both girls laid out in the center of the ring. Martinez tags in Swole. Allie tags Gibbs a second later.

Gibbs with a Samoan Drop on Martinez. Gibbs shoves Martinez into the ropes, Martinez counters with a Back Drop Suplex. Allie comes in with a Spear outta nowhere. Allie building up momentum with a Sliding Elbow Strike. Allie attacking Swole on the outside of the ring. Gibbs goes up and over the top rope crashing down on all three women on the outside of the ring. Swole looking spent. Gibbs drops Swole. Martinez breaks up the pin attempt. Allie with a fireman’s carry followed by a Death Valley Driver on Martinez. Swole with an elbow on Allie.

Once again all four women are laying on the mat. Martinez is body slammed by Gibbs. Gibbs tries to make her way to the top rope, Swole stops her. Martinez and Swole with a Double Power Bomb on Gibbs. Allie breaks up the pinfall attempt. Martinez on the top rope grabbing a handful of Allies hair. Allie with an Arm Drag on Martinez. Gibbs with a Moonsault on Swole, followed by the three count pin.

Winner: Sadie Gibbs & Allie

Main Event
Joey Janela & Jimmy Havoc vs. Jurassic Express

All four men make their way to the ring, starting with Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt (Jurassic Express) who play to the crowd as they pose and move around the ring. Out next is Jimmy Havoc as the lights and smoke surround him as he steps to the top of the ramp before making his way down the ramp and entering the ring. Last to the ring is “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela who struts down the ramp and into the ring wearing a leather vest and sunglasses as he rolls around in the ring before removing his sunglasses and strutting around the ring some more.

As everyone gets to their corners, the referee signals for the bell to ring, beginning this match. Havoc and Jungle Boy start off tonight’s match up. The two circle the ring, looking for an opportunity to strike. Havoc powers Jungle Boy into the turnbuckle, but releases him. Havoc focusing on the arm of Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy counters, causing Havoc to make his way to the rope to break the hold. Jungle Boy gets a Hand Spring on Havoc. Havoc gets Jungle Boy in a Headlock, Jungle Boy is able to break free with an Arm Drag.

More back and forth between Jungle Boy and Havoc before Havoc gets Jungle Boy by the hair. Jungle Boy springing back and forth to try and confuse Havoc and attempt to get out of the wrist lock. Havoc bites the arm of Jungle Boy before tagging Joey Janela in. Jungle Boy starts flipping once again, holding Janela as he tags in Marko Stunt. Jungle Boy tags back in. Both men attacking Janela. Janela tags Havoc back in, realizing he’s in trouble.

Jungle Boy gets a Drop Kick on Havoc before tagging Marko Stunt back in who holds Havoc as he tags Jungle Boy back in. Havoc tags Janela back in. Havoc knocked to the outside of the ring by Jungle Boy. Marko Stunt Spears Havoc through the ropes to the outside of the ring, followed by a Moonsault by Jungle Boy. Janela and Jungle Boy in the ring now. Jungle Boy once again tags in Marko Stunt. Stunt with a Foot Stomp on Janela, followed by Stunt doing the “Floss” dance in victory. Havoc gets Stunt in a Chokehold in the center of the ring.

Havoc tags Janela back in to have a turn on Marko Stunt. Janela drags Stunt to the center of the ring, holding him by the hair. Havoc with a German Suplex on Stunt. Havoc drags Stunt out of the ring, throwing him into the baracade. Janela makes his way to the outside to throw Stunt back into the ring. Havoc bites Stunt. Havoc sends Stunt face first into the turnbuckle. Havoc grabs Stunt in a waistlock, Stunt flies forward, tagging in Jungle Boy. A running kick by Jungle Boy on Stunt. Jungle Boy with a pin attempt on Havoc.

Havoc crawls back to his feet. Chops to the chest of Havoc by Jungle Boy. Havoc with a right hand on Jungle Boy before tagging in Janela. An Atomic Drop on Janela by Jungle Boy. Janela screaming in the center of the ring. The Manhatten Drop on Janela by Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy stomps on the back of the head of Janela. A Splash Leg Drop on Janela. Havoc sends Stunt out of the ring. Havoc with a Power Slam on Jungle Boy. More back and forth between all, leaving everyone laying on the mat.

Later, Jimmy Havoc gets a two count on Marko Stunt. Havoc exits the ring to get something from under the apron. Havoc re-enters the ring with a staple gun, Joey Janela tags himself in. Havoc looks confused, Janela reaches for the staple gun and smiles. Havoc hands it to Janela who then uses it to shoot a staple into the forehead of Havoc. An Avalanch/Pile Driver combo by Janela on Marko Stunt for the pinfall and win.

Winner: Jimmy Havoc and Joey Janela


Janela smoking a cigarette backstage as Tully Blanchard walks up. Shawn Spears attacks Janella before he gets a lit cigarette to put out on Janela’s tongue which is being held out by a pair of pliers. The camera pans away as you hear Janela’s screams.

That will do it for this week’s edition of AEW Dark.

Watch the complete video archive of episode five of AEW Dark below.

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