Moon by Simaudio, Estelon, Cardas Audio

All prices listed are in Canadian dollars.

I heard rarefied, potently musical sound (out-of-this-world sound? hehe) in the Moon by Simaudio room.

The system included, from Moon by Simaudio’s North Collection, the Moon 891 network player / preamplifier with built-in DAC and MM / MC phono stage (starting at $32,500), a 300Wpc Moon 861 power amplifier (starting at $29,000), and a pair of the curvaceous, somewhat futuristic-looking (perfect for Moon products) Estelon XB Mkll Reference speakers ($64,600/pair). Cabling was by Cardas.

This system offered some of the most refined sound at the show, providing believable soundstage populated with lifelike images and a rich tonal palette. Struck piano keys from a 24/96 Qobuz stream jangled and reverberated like the real thing. Same with double bass strings. Judged solely by timbral and tonal verisimilitude, this system had very few peers.

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