German Physiks, Accuphase, EMM Labs, Ypsilon, Thales, Live-Vibe Audio

Some fresh, high quality products making their U.S. show debuts—not to mention the excellent sound quality that was achieved—made this system a fun one to audition.

German Physiks Unicorn MKII speakers ($27,000-$31,000/each, depending on finish) were driven by an Accuphase A-80 ($25,975), a pure class A 60Wpc amplifier.

The preamp for the system is an Ypsilon PST-100 MKII ($37,000) which offers active and passive modes.

The Accuphase DP-770 ($26,575) was tasked with immaculate CD and SACD playback. An EMM Labs NS1 network streamer ($4500) served digital tunes to the EMM Labs DA2 V2 DAC ($30,000).

Also in the system, the Accuphase C-47 stereo phono amplifier ($12,900) that allows for the connection of up to four tonearms. The turntable cartridge is also an Accuphase, the AC-6 ($6,950). For a turntable the system used a Thales TTT Compact II ($14,500).

Check out the video for a system overview and use good headphones to listen to the audio demo portion.

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