Big Update On Rumored WWE WrestleMania 40 Card

An update on the Sports Illustrated article that potentially spoiled the result to the men’s WWE Royal Rumble and revealed a portion of the WrestleMania 40 card.


Justin Barrasso reported that the Rumble would be won by GUNTHER, who would go on to dethrone Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 40. He also stated that Cody Rhodes would not be “finishing his story,” and instead would be battling CM Punk, as The Rock would be taking his spot to face Roman Reigns at the Showcase of the Immortals. However, Fightful Select later released a report that said that many in WWE were “befuddled” with Barrasso’s story, and that there were many indications that it wasn’t true.

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Well, Barrasso has since posted a retracted article, where he states that former reliable sources gave him bad information and that he doesn’t typically post spoilers as his many source of publication has been exclusive interviews with top wrestling talents. In his latest, Barrasso states that Cody Rhodes is still a viable option to win the Rumble matchup and that the story they’ve been telling with Roman Reigns could still get finished at WrestleMania 40.

There’s also a chance that The Rock vs. Roman Reigns happens later down the line when Netflix, who signed a new deal with WWE to broadcast Raw, can potentially be involved.

Wrestling Headlines will continue to provide up to date information on the road to WrestleMania 40. Stay tuned.