Just as I dashed into the Expo Hall to check out Coherence Systems’ ADD-POWR SorcerX4 ($4399.95) and smaller Apprentice ($3299.95) harmonic conditioning devices, Bill Stierhout (above) was packing up. We just had enough time to snap this photo before his booth became a booth no more.

Stierhout, the man who developed Nordost’s Quantum technology used in the initial QX4 and QX-2 harmonizers, Q-Base power strips, and QV-1 AC harmonizer., said that his US-made Sorcer X4 and Apprentice units improved sound in exhibits by Holm Audio, High Water Sound, and Dr. Vinyl at AXPONA. When asked to explain the technology, he said that the Sorcer X4 power conditioner “injects very low frequency (VLF) squarewaves into component power supplies. [Based on] principles of the Fourier series and harmonic resonance, the Sorcer X4 boosts system signal-to-noise ratios.”

Stierhout claims his products are “harmonic amplifiers or resonators” that “saturate” power supplies of components “with harmonic frequencies that boost or increase the energy of the audio material, akin to the tuning fork analogy of resonance. Greater audio harmonic energy means greater listening pleasure and satisfaction.” He believes “the energy boost to the audio signal level may be as great as 10–15%, and acoustic energy increase ranges from 0.25–1.00dB.”

Within the SorcerX4 resides four laminated core AC transformers, digital signal processing circuitry, and a class-A amplifier interface. While early units were completely featureless, new models include gold plated (Furutech) IEC AC inlet and two duplex receptacles.

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