UES Crime Numbers Continue Steady Decline: Data

UPPER EAST SIDE, NY — Newly released NYPD crime statistics show that reported crime on the Upper East Side is continuing a steady decline seen over the past few months.

The decline was so steady in the 19th Precinct that the drop in reported crime between September and October this year were a nearly identical 15 percent compared with the same time periods in 2022.

That continued and steady decline in crime statistics have lead to an even larger drop in year-to-date reported crime, with a 4.14 percent decline compared to 2022.

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In September, that year-to-date decline was only 3.47 percent, showing that those extra days of steady, declining crime numbers added over half a percentage point to the 19 Precinct’s overall statistics to date.

Police data does not follow the Georgian calendar, but rather operates on a 28-day look-back. So while the data covers most of the month of October, it is not totally comprehensive.

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The latest 28-day report shows that crime statistic trends, like what’s down — and what’s up — are very different from the September numbers.

Some reported crimes increased their declining rate, like grand larceny (21.8 percent), petit larceny (40) and housing crimes (50).

Others saw declines for the first time in months, like felony assaults, which fell by nearly 40 percent compared to 2022. In September, that same number was up by 19 percent.

Transit crimes saw a decline for the first time since August, with reports 25 percent lower than the same time last year.

In October, burglary was down by only seven percent — a much smaller gap over last year than the massive 33.3 percent drop seen in September.

And some crimes saw increases in October compared to 2022, like auto theft, which saw an increase by 40 percent, and robbery, with a 13 percent bump.

September saw bother of those crimes drop by 29.4 percent and 15.8 percent respectively.

In addition to the improving monthly reported crime numbers and the increasing year-to-date decline, the comparison to two years ago has also improved slightly.

Major felonies were up in September year-to-date by almost 40 percent compared to two years ago.

Because of October’s numbers, that increase is now down to 34.70 percent.

That doesn’t mean crime is over, but it could indicate a positive public safety trend for the neighborhood.

Despite the recent increases since the pandemic, reported crime is still lower on the Upper East Side than compared to 30 years ago year-to-date, when the major felony crime rate was a staggering nearly 80 percent higher.

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In 2022, reported crime in the 19th Precinct was down by almost 30 percent compared to 2001 levels, and 46 percent lower than 1998.

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