VIDEO: Being the Elite – ‘Colt Gets Tagged In’

Video —

On this week's edition of Being the Elite, Colt Cabana is in charge as The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Hangman Page, and Brandon Cutler all had the week off after Blood & Guts. 

Colt Cabana is in charge —

Click Here: FIJI rugby jerseyCutler told Cabana that he's in charge of shooting the episode this week. Cabana then spent some time psyching himself up in front of a mirror before starting. Several people backstage at AEW were upset that Cutler wasn't there again this week. Cabana asked the camera crew for help but found their technical explanations too boring so he left. Nobody was too impressed with Colt's filming but he didn't have his thumb in front of the lens this week, at least. Cabana asked Christopher Daniels to do some of his old bits but he wasn't interested. Nyla Rose, Anna Jay, Matt Hardy, and others also did not want to do a bit with Cabana. Rose turned him down more than once. Negative One slapped the camera out of his hands. 

Ryan Nemeth promoting Hunkamania —

Nemeth is gearing up for his comedy show with his brother in Detroit this week. He showed off some of the promotional material for the event and clips from previous shows.  

Colt Cabana and The Dark Order —

Cabana wandered into The Dark Order's locker. They struggled to remember who he was. Once they found out Cabana was filming the show for The Young Bucks, Dark Order told Cabana to get out of their room.