Roksan Record Player, Rotel Electronics, Monitor Audio Speakers, Nordost Cables

Making their North American debut in the Rotel/Monitor Audio room were Rotel’s P5 preamp, with built-in 32- bit/768kHz DAC ($CAD5299), and 1080Wpc M8 mono amps ($CAD18,000/pair). Speakers were Monitor Audio Gold 300s, said to employ technology trickled down from the company’s flagship Platinum ll model.

The source consisted of the Roksan 20 Plus turntable ($CAD5300) with Sara unipivot tonearm ($CAD3600) and Shiraz cartridge ($CAD5300). Roksan’s Caspian VSC S2 speed control/phono stage completed the package. Though lacking in ultimate scale and bloom, the sound of the system was delicate and detailed, with good flow and a nice sense of rhythm. Ancillary equipment included cables by Nordost and snazzy-looking stands by Norstone.

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