VIDEO: Being the Elite – ‘Anarchy in the Arena’

Video —

The Young Bucks spend a long time under the ring —

The video begins this week with Matt & Nick Jackson getting ready to hide under the ring for their interference during the ROH tag title match on Dynamite last week. They had thought The Lucha Bros vs. BCC match was on first but it was actually on last. They didn't realize they would have to spend the entire show under the ring. They were not happy about this. 

Ryan Nemeth cashes in on walking weirdly —

Ryan Nemeth was shown wearing a t-shirt that points out he walks in a weird fashion. He then tried to cover it up and said he wore the shirt by accident. Nemeth would eventually admit that he's trying to cash in and wants people to buy the shirt. 

The Young Buck stand-ins fill in for the Young Bucks —

The Young Buck stand-ins tried to replace the Young Bucks at a Q&A session in Las Vegas. Willie Mack was the only one in attendance and he was not impressed. 

The Dark Order failed to recruit The Best Friends —

Alex Reynolds told the rest of the Dark Order it's time for them to move on from Hangman Page and just focus on the three of them. Evil Uno keeps calling someone who isn't answering. The group decided they had to get back to recruiting. The camera panned out to reveal The Best Friends were in the room as well. The Dark Order tried to recruit them but they mentioned they are in a group with Orange Cassidy, Rocky Romero, Bandido, Kris Statlander, and NJPW's entire CHAOS faction. John Silver said he wanted all of them to join and then tried to hug Chuck Taylor. The Best Friends did not agree to be part of The Dark Order. Taylor expressed this by kicking all three in the groin. 

Highlights from Anarchy in the Arena —

Click Here: custom-stamp-die-mouldingHighlights from the Anarchy in the Arena match at Double or Nothing are shown. Clips of The Elite looking dejected in the locker room aired after and closed this week's episode.